A podcast about paradoxes. This show explores paradoxes in our world: truths that lead to contradictions, or absurdities that end up true. We’ll unravel what makes real stories paradoxical by bringing their weirder elements into the light.

Each episode we take a single paradox and explode it into stories that often use a variation of the paradox posed at the beginning of the episode.

Who are Vic and Steph?

We’re two good friends who met doing competitive international college debate. Through debate we developed skills in clear communication of complex ideas and appreciation of many perspectives. In college we also hosted a radio show together that fused our academic interests– philosophy and neuroscience– in an eclectic “neurophilosophy” show we called “Imaginarium,” featuring recorded interviews, live guests, and music on WRBC.

What is your release schedule?

Episodes will be released in “Pods” around a centralized theme in 3 episodes (e.g. Paradoxes of Knowledge, Paradoxes in Neuroscience, Paradoxes in Gender, etc.). This allows us to thoroughly explore areas without bogging down the listener with one long podcast. We aim to release one pod over three weeks (one episode per week) at the beginning of each month. Our first pod is currently in production.

What do you use for recording equipment?

We use Yeti stereo microphones for recording and edit our audio in Audacity. Because we record remotely, generally we each record ourselves and sync up our audio after. Helpful trick: count to five and it’s much easier to sync up your audio with your recording partner.

Who is responsible for your score?

Along with original sound effects and editing done by Vic and Steph, our score and interludes were composed and created by Arjun Sawhney.

Who made your website?

Vic and Steph had a major hand in the design and creation of the PARADIOX website with some help from friends. Our logo design is by Logan Hall.