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A Little about Paradiox: Why Paradoxes?

It’s no secret that there are many paths to get to the truth. But sometimes our pursuit is obstructed by other, equally legitimate paths. In those instances, normal thinking, reasoning, and investigation doesn’t suffice. In fact, good old logic may tie us up even more. What happens when something seems true, but can’t be? Or when something looks contradictory… but is nonetheless true? This show is about those paradoxes, and what they can tell us about the world and the way we think about it.

Once you’re looking for it, the strange structure all paradoxes share can be found everywhere, in sometimes unexpected places. It’s in the way people may desire what they hate, be imprisoned by their freedom, and limited by endless choices. There’s no blueprint for how to resolve these cases. In fact, paradoxes often escape close consideration, because, by definition they aren’t partisan. Neither side can win.

This podcast is about navigating that uncharted process through real cases. We’ll find paradoxes as they bubble up in our world and as they intervene in our lives. We’ll talk to people living in and around paradoxes, and start conversations about what it means to be confused and sometimes, how to resolve that confusion.